Saturday, February 15, 2014

What is Oracle GlassFish Java-EE Web Application Server

Oracle GlassFish web application Server is a Java-ee supported application server which provides a flexible, lightweight and production-ready Java-ee-6 and java-ee-7 platform for java-ee web applications deployment and hosting. It is worlds first Java EE 6 and Java EE 7 application server. It is based on OSGI alliance standards. It supports all java-ee APIs like JPA, EJB, Servlet, JSF, JSP, CDI, JAF, JMS , java web socket etc. It gives full clustering and load balancing support. It provides an easy to use administration console for configuration and management.

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Large and small organizations are using oracle Glassfish web application server for their java-ee base web applications hosting. It provides reliable and secure / SSL  java-ee applications web-hosting. It provides e-commerce web hosting for e-commerce web application built on java-ee technologies (JSF, JSP, EJBs, JMS, JAF). It is also used for Struts and Spring based web applications webhosting.

Below are the features being supported in GlassFish Application server v4

There are two additions of GlassFish application server

1- Oracle GlassFish Application Server
It is commercial supported version of GlassFish Application from Oracle. 

To download Oracle GlassFish commercial version click here

2- GlassFish Application Server Open Source Addition
It is an open source addition of GlassFish application server and it it supported from Glassfish community.

Below is the link of Official website of Glassfish application server open source addition
Official Website of Open source GlassFish Web Application Server.

 For more information for learning about Glassfish application server, below is the Glassfish documents link
GlassFish application server documents

 To download Glassfish open source application server, click on below link for downloading
Download GlassFish Open source Web application server

To install Oracle Glassfish application server read my blog

GlassFish Application Server Open Source Edition V4 Admin Consol

Below is the GlassFish Application Server admin console where server administration can be done.

What is Oracle GlassFish Java-EE Web Application Server, glassfish admin console, glassfish application server administration, javawebaction, java web action, java web development

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