Saturday, July 12, 2014

An overview of Oracle GlassFish Java EE Application Server Administration tools

Here we shall discuss different server administration tools for administration of GlassFish application Server to view server performance, server update, web applications deployment, configuration of web applications features, server & applications security management, JDBC / EJB / e-mail configuration and other tasks. GlassFish application server provides different Graphical administration console and command line base tool. you can perform same tasks with GUI Administration Console and with asadmin command line utility. 
Below are the latest Server Administration Tools used for GlassFish application Server administration

  • Administration Console
  • asadmin Utility
  • REST Interfaces
  • Update Tool
  • OSGi Module Management Subsystem
  • keytool Utility
  • Java Monitoring and Management Console (JConsole)
  • Application Server Management Extension (AMX)

Here we discuss only two major administration tools which are administration console and asadmin utility.

Administration Console

The Administration Console is a  web based graphical interface utility which have all features for administration of Glassfish application server. Here we can deploy and undeploy java ee web application and configure their all related features and resources.
To open Administration Console at local computer where GlassFish Application server is also running use the below URL with administration port.

For remote access of  Administration Console, use host-name or IP of server computer with administration port where Glassfish application server is running. For example:   or

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asadmin Utility

adadmin utility provide command line tool for administration of Glassfish application server. It use different sub-commands for different operations and administration tasks. asadmin sub-commands can be run either from a command prompt or from a script. For automating repetitive task, a script of subcommands is used which run on asadmin utility.  asadmin utilty can be opened as, Open the glassfish application server home location " \glassfish-4.0\glassfish4\bin " and double click at asadmin.bat, a command window will be open as showing below

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 Some asadmin commands are mentioned below
asadmin> start-domainasadmin> stop-domainasadmin> list-jdbc-resources  

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For more detail about Glassfish application server administration tools, please visit the Oracle GlassFish Server Administration Guide.


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