Tuesday, April 29, 2014

What is Java-EE Server and different types of Java EE Containers used in Java application Server

What is Java EE Server

A Java EE server is an application server software which implements Java EE platform APIs like Servlet, JSP, JSF, EJB etc and provides different Java EE services like SOAP, Restful etc. Java EE servers are also called application servers because they can provide application data on different clients like Java desktop clients, Web based Client on web browser, Mobile clients, applet etc and runs EJB Components also.
Below is the list of some famous java ee Servers.

1- Oracle GlassFish Application Server
2- Oracle Weblogic Application server
3- IBM Websephere Application server
4- Apache Tomcate Application Server
5- Jboss Application Server

Java EE servers provide hosting to several application components and used different containers to provide services to these components.

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Java EE Containers

Java EE containers act as an interface between different components like EJB, JSP, JSF, Java mail etc to provide desired functionality. The platform defined the functionality of the containers which are different for different containers. These server containers allows different components to work togethers to provide required functionality of Java EE applications.

There are mostly three different types of containers used in Java EE Servers which are Web Container, EJB Container and Application Client Container

1- The Web Container

The web container provides interface in between web server and web components which can be a servlet, a JSF page and a JSP page etc. The main responsibility of Web container is to
1- manages the web component's lifecycle,
2- dispatches requests to application components,
3- and provides interfaces to context data.

2- The Application Client Container

The Java EE Application Client Container runs on client machine and serve as gateway in between application server components and client application. A Java EE application client is a Java SE Application which use Java EE Server components to display Java Applications information and to provide different functions. 

3- The EJB Container

EJB container runs on the Java EE server. EJB Container provide interface in between Java EE Server and enterprise java beans which provides different business logic in a Java EE Application. The main responsibility of EJB container is to manages the execution of an enterprise beans.


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