Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How to create Oracle ADF Application using JDeveloper and Weblogic server

Oracle ADF (Application Development Framework) is Java EE framework that make the Web, Desktop and Mobile application development process simplifies and fast, by providing a visual and declarative development experience.

In this shared video, you will learn how to develop a rich web database driven application by using Oracle JDeveloper IDE, Oracle adf framework and Oracle weblogic Application Server. You will learn how to work visually with oracle ADF Business Components, ADF Faces rich client components, ADF task flows and ADF Data control. 

Oracle ADF and JDeveloper IDE saves the time to write low level code and it speed up the development process. It helps you to make a Java 2 ee application in easy, effective and more productive way.

For starting this tutorial, you should first have or installed the below mentioned software:

Have access to or have installed Oracle JDeveloper
Have access to, or have installed an Oracle 11g database Server, including the HR schema.


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