Saturday, May 12, 2012

What is Java Persistence API (JPA)

The JPA (Java Persistence API) is a Java programming language framework for managing the relational data in java applications using Java SE (Java Platform Standard Edition) and Java EE (Java Platform Enterprise Edition). JPA is standard persistence API for Java. JPA used the best ideas from persistence technologies like Hibernate, TopLink and JDO. JPA simplifies the Java EE Web applications development and Java SE desktop applications development using data persistence new stable features.

Friday, May 11, 2012

What is Java Entity and requirements for Entity Classes

Java entity is a lightweight persistence domain object which represents a table in a relational database and each java entity instance corresponds to a row in related relational database table. Java entity class is the primary programming artifact of java entity, although entities can use helper classes also.
The java entity persistent state is represented via persistent fields or persistent properties. These persistent fields or properties use object / relational mapping annotations to map the entities and entity relationships to the relational data in the underlying relational database.

What is Difference between JSP and Facelets

Here we will find some features of  Faceletes and JSP (Java Server Page) to find out some difference between Facelets and JSP.