Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to develop Mobile application using HTML5, JSF, RichFaces 4, JBoss AS7 and Eclipse IDE

The Mobile Web based applications are creating for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets etc which are connected through wireless communication. The web has shifted with a focus on mobile device browsers. Customers are feeling easy on mobile to read article, emails and documents, for entertainment and for social communication because it is easy to use and lightweight solution. 

Mobile web applications development has become much more easy with the help of  html5 and JSF (Java Server Faces) components suites like Rich Faces, PrimeFaces and Oracle ADF faces.

Here we will show how to use HTML5 and RichFaces JSF Components suit for mobile web applications development.

RichFaces is an open source Ajax enabled  JSF (Java Server Faces) component library which is hosted by JBoss. It provides Ajax capabilities integration into enterprise application development in an easy and effective way. RichFaces with html5 is providing a great tool for desktop web applications development and Mobile web applications development. It has made the software development process very easy and has provided the rich interface features.

Here a webinar video is being shared with you  which shows the detail resources required and code needed to create a near native mobile web based application with today latest enterprise technologies which are Java EE 6, JSF2, RichFaces4, CDI, JMS, Been validation, HTML5 and CSS3.

below mentioned Development Tools are used in this tutorial
1- JBoss Application server 7 (JBoss AS7).
2- Eclipse IDE as JBoss Studio

HTML5 and Mobile JSF for the Java Web Developer from JBoss Developer on Vimeo.


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