Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What is Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the use and access of multiple server based computational resources via a digital network like Wide Area Network ( WAN ), Internet connection using the World Wide Web (WWW), etc. Cloud users may access the server resources using a computer, net book, pad computer, smart phone, or other device from any location just access required to cloud computing with cloud account. In cloud computing, a cloud server is used  for applications installations, cloud applications management and data is also stored remotely in the cloud configuration. In cloud computing, cloud users do not download and install applications on their own devices like computer, mobile, tablet etc, in this cloud server is responsible for applications data processing and data storage.

The main characteristics and advantage of Cloud Computing is that the traditional business applications and platforms are too complicated and expensive. They need a complex software stack, data center for database storage and a expert team to maintained all network performance and for maintenance of network. While in Cloud computing, all these issues are not related with customers company, it will responsibility of cloud computing service providers companies. Database Servers, Web application servers, other applications servers installation, maintenance, management, to ensure system live will be the responsibility of cloud computing service provider companies.

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This short video explains what is Cloud Computing and why it is faster, lower cost and does not eat up your valuable IT resources like database storage, network bandwidth, applications servers, file servers etc.


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