Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to install Android Development Tools ADT Plugin in Eclipse IDE for Mobile Application Development

 ADT  "Android Development Tools" is a plugin for Eclipse IDE to provide a powerful, effective, easy to use integrated environment for Android mobile applications development. ADT enhances the Eclipse IDE capabilities to quickly set up new android projects, Android Application User Interface, addition of package on the Android Framework API, testing and debugging of mobile application using Android SDK Tools. You can do much more with ADT.

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Step by Step ADT Installation Procedure

Because Android Development Tools (ADT) is a plugin for the Eclipse IDE, you must first install Eclipse before installing Android Development Tools. If you have not already installed Eclipse IDE, click below link for installation of Eclipse IDE

How to download and install Eclipse IDE for Java and Java 2 EE Application development

 Follow below mentioned steps for installation of ADT plugin in Eclipse.

1-  Start Eclipse IDE and select "Install New Software" from the Eclipse Help menu to start Update Manager.

 How to install ADT Android development tool Plugin in eclipse ide for android mobile applications development. android apps development. android apps developer tool, javawebaction, java web action

2- In the next step, Click on Add button. A new dialog window will be open, enter a repository name for the Name and below mentioned URL in location Location:


How to install Android Development Tools ADT Plugin in Eclipse IDE for Mobile Application Development, android applications development, android apps development
Click OK
3- In the Available Software dialog, select the checkbox of ADT Developer Tools and click Next.
4- In the next step, you will see a list of the tools for downloading. just Click Next for nex step.
5- Here is License agreements, Read and accept it, then click Finish for installation.

If you get a security warning message about authenticity or validity of the software, click OK. 
After installation complete, restart the Eclipse IDE for setting up all features of Android development tool.

After restarting of Eclipse IDE, you must specify the location of  Android SDK directory:
  1. In the "Welcome to Android Development" window that appears, select Use existing SDKs.
  2. Browse and select the location of the Android SDK directory you recently downloaded and unpacked.
  3. Click Next.


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