Saturday, July 12, 2014

An overview of Oracle GlassFish Java EE Application Server Administration tools

Here we shall discuss different server administration tools for administration of GlassFish application Server to view server performance, server update, web applications deployment, configuration of web applications features, server & applications security management, JDBC / EJB / e-mail configuration and other tasks. GlassFish application server provides different Graphical administration console and command line base tool. you can perform same tasks with GUI Administration Console and with asadmin command line utility. 
Below are the latest Server Administration Tools used for GlassFish application Server administration

Introduction and difference of Java SE, Java EE, Java ME and JavaFX

Here we shall discuss some introduction and difference of Java platforms which are Java SE, Java EE, Java ME and JavaFX ". Many software developers do not know about different Java platforms and their relationship with each other. Each java platform is designed for different purpose like one for Desktop applications development, one for Web based applications development and one for mobile application development etc.These platforms may also use combined for development of a complex business application having a web interface, a desktop client and a mobile client.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How to Connect Oracle Database XE with NetBeans IDE using JDBC Thin driver

In this tutorial we shall learn how to connect oracle database XE with NetBeans IDE for database administration & development using NetBeans IDE and connection for developing database oriented Java EE web application project and Java Desktop project. Basically NetBeans IDE has already built in support for oracle database as support to MySQL server. In this tutorial we shall establish a connection of local installed oracle database XE with Netbeans IDE. Both softwares are installed on same computer.

Software required for this tutorials are NetBeans IDE & Oracle Database XE which should already installed at your computer and Oracle JDBC Thin Driver.