Monday, April 16, 2012

What is an Enterprise Java Bean EJB and benefits of EJB

What is Enterprise Java Beans ( EJB ):

EJB is written in Java programming language and it is server side component that encapsulates the business logic of an java application from customers. Business logic code is managed in EJB that fulfills the purpose of the java applications. For example, in an eCommerce web application, the enterprise java beans might implement the business logic in methods called checkAvailableItem and orderProduct.

What is Java Server Faces (JSF) and jsf life cycle

JSF stands for Java Server Faces. JSF is MVC (Model - View - Controller) based user interface ( UI ) Java Web framework which has server-side components for building Java web applications user interfaces. JSF provides a well defined programming model and various tag libraries. With the help of JSF, Java-ee web developers can easily and quickly build enterprise java web applications.
JSF provides ease-of-use in the following ways:

Thursday, April 5, 2012

How to develop Web Application using GWT (Google Web Toolkit) in JBoss Developer Studio

Google Web Toolkit (GWT) is an open source development toolkit for designing, building, testing and optimizing enterprise complex web applications. It is completely free and open source technology for web application development. Many developers in the world are using GWT for development. Google many products are made by GWT.  The main goal of GWT is to made a productive development envirment for develpment of high performance and rich UI web applications with out expert level experience in XMLHttpRequest, html, java script and AJAX.

In this shared screen cast, it shows how to developed a web application using Google Web Toolkit in JBoss Developer Studio. This tutorial is also helpful for using Eclipse and JBoss Tool.

What is JBoss Tools and how to install JBoss Tools in Eclipse IDE

JBoss Tools is a very famous and effective development tool for Java ee web applications development. It has support for JBoss AS (JBoss application server) and Java ee Technologies,  JBoss Portal, RichFaces JSF Components, Maven and much moor. It is an umbrella project for a set of Eclipse plugins.

In this video tutorial, you will learn  how to install JBoss Tools plugin in Java ee Eclipse IDE to prepare your software development environment for Java EE applications development, JBoss Portal development and to develop JSF web applications with RichFaces JSF component for rich interfaces. This video also shows an overview of Boss Tool capabilities and features.

How to develop Mobile application using HTML5, JSF, RichFaces 4, JBoss AS7 and Eclipse IDE

The Mobile Web based applications are creating for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets etc which are connected through wireless communication. The web has shifted with a focus on mobile device browsers. Customers are feeling easy on mobile to read article, emails and documents, for entertainment and for social communication because it is easy to use and lightweight solution. 

Mobile web applications development has become much more easy with the help of  html5 and JSF (Java Server Faces) components suites like Rich Faces, PrimeFaces and Oracle ADF faces.

Here we will show how to use HTML5 and RichFaces JSF Components suit for mobile web applications development.

RichFaces is an open source Ajax enabled  JSF (Java Server Faces) component library which is hosted by JBoss. It provides Ajax capabilities integration into enterprise application development in an easy and effective way. RichFaces with html5 is providing a great tool for desktop web applications development and Mobile web applications development. It has made the software development process very easy and has provided the rich interface features.

How to make Code for Java EE 6 Application using Eclipse IDE

I have found this java-ee-6 learning video tutorial on Vimeo for learning how to make code for Java-ee-6 based web application project using Eclipse IDE / JBoss Developer Studio, it is very useful for new java-ee developers to learn Eclipse IDE for programming the Java and Java EE 6 based technologies ( JPA, EJB, JSP, Servlet ) coding. In this video you will learn step by step procedure for how to develop a web application project using Eclipse IDE and Java ee technologies.

What is Java EE . An Overview of Java EE6 Programming using Eclipse IDE

Java EE (Java Enterprise Edition) is an Enterprise java computing platform of Oracle which provides different API  like JPA (Java Persistence API), EJB (Enterprise Java Beans), CDI (Context and Dependency injection), Servlet, JSP, JSF and Runtime environment for development and running of Enterprise application software, secure reliable network applications, java web applications development, java web services, mobile applications development and much more. Java EE focused on software developer productivity and numerous enhancements in different features.